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D.K.Road Lines(Regd.)
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We are blend of experienced and young, dynamic and enthusiastic work force. Our entire staff at Noida well qualified, adequately trained.

D.K. Road lines has the ability to perform complete door-to-door services for the movement of general cargo from any worldwide location. We have a comprehensive communications structure for up-to-the minute information on shipment movement and duty exemption requirements. Cargo information and movement are monitored on a 24-hour basis through our dedicated communications network.

More than a decade of experience combined with highly advanced information technology, enables D.K. Road lines to move the shipments quickly and safely. In addition to highly experienced classifiers and translators, we have a dedicated customs clearance team at all entry ports to ensure smooth customs clearance transactions.

DKRL specialize in carrying Hazardous & flammable goods like Chemicals, Bulks Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Machinery etc....

High Result oriented target were set under the acute vision of resources & were achieved before the time gap.

We have Tankers having materials of construction of M.S., S.S and also aluminium with special designs as per the norms of particular chemical.

Trucks (Open Body) specially designed all kinds of goods like chlorine, sulphur, lignite, coal machines, etc...

DKRL Fleet comprises of 20 and 40 trailers systematically designed to carry specail kind of cargo in box containers and liquid ISP tanks for maximum capacity upto 27 mt.

We have our tracking system in our vehicle to track the vehicle and cargo on time.

We have round the clock patrolling service on the highway for the safety of our cargo as well as vehicles

We have our own full-fledge and well equipment workshop.

And we also have qualified engineers and staffs attempting our vehicle to slove the problem on time.

We also have break down vehicles with well advance systems so that the vehicles can get released in few hours.Buses and cars facleties Aviblibe All Over india.

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